They Were Smokin'

They Were Smokin'
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On SALE to jump start your BBQ season !!!

Championship BBQ Tips and Techniques from Two Time Memphis in May World Champions Holy Smokers Too team member Billy Bob Billy

This is a soft-covered 150 page cookbook/text book that has been used by over 1200 students in BBQ classes at the University of Tennessee and Memphis BBQ Network competitions like the Blues, Brews & BBQ contest in Charlotte, NC.

Included are over 100 recipes including 20 winning sauces, 16 unique dry rubs, and 15 different marinades and bastes for your choosing or to serve as a springboard to develop your own "Secret" sauce or rubs.

It also includes a step-by-step narrative for on-site presentations during a Memphis in May style competition

This book will improve your BBQ whether your an experienced competitor, a beginner, or just want to wow your friends.

Kansas City BBQ Society - book review:

". . . the best reason to buy this book is the chapter entitled 'Meat Under Heat the difference between BBQ Nirvana and disaster.' This chapter does the best job I've ever read or heard of explaining what is happening to your meat as its temperature rises while cooking. The chapter is subtitled 'this is the secret to great BBQ' and I believe it is! And better than that, thanks to Billy Bob, I understand it!"

"This book never talked down to me, yet taught me new things on almost every page. It will be a treasured, often used, and sauce-stained addition to my kitchen shelf."

National Barbecue News - book review:

Itís easy to tell that Billy Bob Billy poured his heart and soul into this perfect-bound book. The broad scope of information that he has included is staggering. . . . This is a very very very good book that would become amazing with the addition of full-color pictures to complement the outstanding content and a punched-up graphic layout. In other words, this is a book that is just waiting for a publisher to snap it up. Letís hope that happens for Billy Bob Billy . . But donít hold your breath while waiting for that to happen Ė buy this book now!

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